Sep 18 2013

5 Of The Top 10 Mobile Phones Of 2013

Each year we anxiously await the release of the latest and greatest mobile smart phones.  While we don’t have time to review the entire list of the top 10 mobile phones for this year, we will be reviewing the top 5 contenders: the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S/iPhone 6, HTC M7, Nokia Lumina 940 and the Blackberry 10 touchscreen.

The Eye-Tracking Samsung Galaxy S4

Barely one year old, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is making room for the S4.  Although it may seem premature to debut a new phone so soon, the S4 is going to make quite a splash in the proverbial smart phone waters.  Pre-loaded with Android Jelly Bean, the S4 features neat tricks such as Photo Sphere, where users can create three dimensional renderings of their favorite scenes (similar to how Google Maps operates in street view mode).  However the most hyped Galaxy S4 feature is Samsung’s new eye tracking technology.  Now users don’t have to lift a finger to scroll through a web page, they simply have to tilt the phone as they read and it will automatically scroll for them.  This new technology can also tell when you’ve looked away from the screen and pauses any videos you are currently watching.  Round it off with a 5 inch display and 1080p resolution – the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one heck of a device.

Is Apple Finally Unveiling a New iPhone?

When Apple released the iPhone 5 the world echoed a collective sigh.  Sure, the new device is longer, but what major changes really occurred?  Apple has always been a competitor in the smart phone game; however it has been leaving its customers out to dry with recent updates – or lack thereof.  The iPhone 5 has only been out for a few months, but consumers are already hoping for a new entry in the top 10 mobile phones of 2013.  Realistically speaking, Apple has to begin catching up with Android devices, especially since Android has starting coming out with incredibly advanced updates like eye tracking and the Photo Sphere.  Hopefully the next iPhone model will at least allow current iOS users to recycle their device chargers, as customers were dismayed to find that they must dump their current accessories for a new connection port.

The HTC M7 Controversy

There were rumours that the HTC M7 might debut as the HTC One.  With Samsung’s release of the Galaxy Note 2, HTC realized that they needed to step up their game and release their own “phablet.”  Similar to other recent smart phones, the HTC M7 is set to debut with a stunning 5 inch display.  There are whispers that the camera will feature enhanced editing and photography capabilities, which are going to be necessary in order to keep up with the Samsung Galaxy S4.  The device will also feature Qualcomm technology with 4G capability.  As far as design is concerned, the HTC M7 will feature an aluminum unibody similar to the HTC Legend, a previous Android success.  Regardless of whether or not HTC will decide to change the name of their new device, the M7 is a handset that many customers will look forward to buying.

Nokia Lumina 940

While still relatively new, Windows phones are taking off in the smart phone market.  Keeping that in mind, Nokia has decided to release a new concept phone called the Nokia Lumina 940.  Although it likely won’t be on the market as one of the top 10 mobile phones of 2013, smart phone users everywhere sure wish it would.  The Lumina 940 comes with a 4.5 inch PureMotion HD display with 1280 x 768 resolution.  Video recording is available in 1080p and the camera boasts 12 megapixels with a dual LED flash.  On the surface the device is made entirely of carbon and features a more rounded shape than standard Nokia phones.  The back of the hand set has a neat basket weave feel to it, which serves to enhance the smart phone’s sophisticated feel.  Although both Android and iOS are currently dominating the market, customers are becoming loyal followers with the advent of the Windows operating system.  Now that Windows 8 is released people are more willing to branch out of their Android and Apple shaped boxes.

Blackberry Touch Screen

Long considered the businessman’s smart phone, Blackberry has played a prominent role in corporate environments.  Although their good old fashioned QWERTY keyboards held out for a considerable amount of time, Blackberry has finally unveiled rumours of a full touch screen smart phone.  Taking a leap of faith, the new BB10 operating system is due to be pre-loaded on the handset.  It’s too early to tell, but it’s unclear whether the new OS will have the longevity to keep up with Android and Apple’s already established systems.  Regardless, it will be nice to have yet another player on the market, and hopefully Blackberry’s new operating system and touch screen phone will bring a little more competition to the table.

It’s difficult to tell which phones will take off this year, however Android seems to be dominating the current smart phone market.  With Apple’s disappointing release of the iPhone 5 as well as the questionable release of Blackberry’s new touch screen, the competition over operating systems is all but won in favor of Android.  Factor in the new eye tracking technology found in the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Android is having a great year thus far – and the year is just beginning.  Unfortunately users won’t be able to judge whether or not Nokia has contributed something to the overall competition.  The Lumina 940 sounds like an incredible new device, and hopefully Nokia will agree enough to offer it up to the public.  Perhaps the greatest anticipation is for HTC’s new device.  HTC has a solid history of creating stunning devices, and chances are they won’t disappoint.

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