Jul 01 2013

Cell Phone Contracts: Overrated And Overpriced

There is almost no one in today’s society who does not possess a cellular telephone. Cell phones are becoming a normal part of every day life, and have even begun to replace home phone lines. With the development of the smart phone, people can do almost anything from their phones; there are apps that can start one’s car, help kids with their homework, and even complete online shopping transactions. Everything that a computer can do, plus everything that a cell phone can do, plus so much more, can be performed on a smart phone.

To Contract Or Not To Contract

Most people who are planning on purchasing a cell phone head straight to a service provider and sign up for a two-year contract. These contracts seem wonderful from a salesman’s point of view, and they do have their benefits, but they are certainly not for everyone.

When one signs up for a basic cell phone contract, one often gets a discount on the price of a new phone. Each month, the phone owner will pay a balance, just like with any other bill. When the two years are up, this person has the opportunity to renew his or her contract and complete the same process all over again. With many service providers, people have the option of adding lines to their phone plans for additional monthly costs. Many families sign up for plans like this to ensure that every member gets a quality phone. Parents have the option to set up control features that protect their children from harmful or influential content, and family members can usually talk to each other for free.

As for the actual cell phone, most service providers supply their customers with one and two-year upgrades. These upgrades commend customers for sticking with their service provider and offer them discounts on certain phones. If one’s phone breaks or gets stolen before one of these upgrades, however, one will have to pay the full cost of the new phone. For another monthly cost, one can add an insurance plan to the phone to be protected from such situations.

Why Work That Hard?

There are tons of things to remember about cell phone contracts. There are dozens of loopholes and extra fees that end up being much more trouble than they are worth in the long run. Not to mention, if one decides to end a contract before the two years is up, one will have to pay a steep cancellation fee. Why go through that much trouble just to have a cell phone? Aren’t these devices supposed to be for one’s enjoyment?

Luckily, there are many other service providers who offer no contract cell phones. These cell phones work just the same as any other, but do not require their owners to make any long-term commitments. The owner is only responsible for one month at a time, and always has the option of skipping a month, or several, and coming back whenever he or she sees fit.

There are tons of great companies that service no contract phones. For the low cost and minimal hassle, these phones are certainly the way to go.

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