Aug 12 2013

Hong Kong Based Businessman Buys A Diamond Encrusted IPhone 5 For $15M

iPhone 5Often you wonder what you would do if you were one of the richest people in the world. Well if you happen to be one of the lucky few incredibly rich people you can easily spend a whopping $15 Million on a smart phone. This is not your typical kind of phone, it is encrusted with gold and diamonds imagine that! Several companies specialize in making expensive mobile phones and one such company is Vertu. This company is known for making phones encrusted with precious metals and stones such as gold, platinum, sapphire and gemstones. With increase in demand, most companies are beginning to bling out smart phones for the wealthy. For most millionaires, money is not a problem; the problem is how to spend it. That is why they can afford to pay millions of dollars for that extra classy touch.

Recently a Hong Kong business man caused a stir when he purchased a $15 Million iPhone 5. This is currently the most expensive phone in the world. This can be attributed to the fact that the design and the diamonds are so unique and rare. The British designer behind this exquisite piece of art, Stuart Hughes, was approached by Joe, a business man from Hong Kong. He wanted to use a giant 26 carat Black diamond that he had inherited from his family for his customized iPhone. The luxury designer created the $15 Million dollar solid gold bodied and diamond encrusted iPhone 5 that has set technology enthusiasts talking.

There is something about diamonds that make you stand out of the crowd and scream of luxury and class. The phone is not different from your ordinary iPhone in terms of hardware, the only difference is in its outer decoration. The phone is known as the Black Diamond because of its 26 carat black diamond worth $14.5 Million that is used as the home button. It also has a shiny gold chassis and not to mention the 600 tiny white diamonds that are set on the outer shell. The Apple logo made of solid gold is enhanced with 53 diamonds.

If you are hopeful of owning an iPhone 5 encrusted with precious gems, then you may have a chance of owning one. Hughes offers a 24 karat gold iPhone 5 for as low as $4,000 and a rose gold version for just $5,300. The low cost allows middle income earners to own a classy and luxurious phone.

Previous reports on CNN were that Hughes made an iPhone 4S in 2011 for 9 million dollars that was encrusted with 500 diamonds. IPhones are not the only items that can be coated with diamonds, nowadays; car manufacturers are also incorporating this creativity in their industry.

Rumors are flying that Apple is going to incorporate a fingerprint sensor on its upcoming iPhone but this has not yet happened. It was said that the iPhone 5S had replaced the home button with sapphire crystal fingerprint reader but over the years the home button has been consistent despite the numerous rumors that Apple would ditch the ordinary home button for a capacitive button.

Dina Silverberg is the creative director of  She holds a Graduate Diamonds degree from the GIA and a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing from CUNY-Hunter.

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