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Mobile phones make use of the technology which already exists but with a few innovations. The screen installed on these phones is touch-sensitive because it has a layer of a material which is capacitative as it is a tradition of the majority of the touch screens. The phone also has an electrical circuit system with all points on the grid being able to sense some changes. That means that some signals are produced by every point on the grid. These are then relayed to the processor of the phone.

Even if you make simultaneous touches on the screen, the touch screen is capable if identifying where they were made.

The type of material used in making these phones only responds to touch by the fingers. That means that if you put on gloves the touch screen will not work.

Methods of Detecting touch

The screen of an iPhone has two ways of detecting touch.

  • Mutual capacitance: In this case, two layers of capacitive circuitry is needed. The first layer is responsible for holding driving lines which passing current along. The other layer consists of sensing lines. These lines are capable of detecting current at the various nodes.
  • Self capacitance: This way of detecting touch makes use of a layer of separate electrodes which are connected with a network of circuits capable of sensing touch.


The two methods mentioned above are responsible for sending electrical impulses to the processor. This is what we are going to look at. We will see how it works in these articles. At this point, it should be emphasized that the software is very important to interpret the input on the touch screen.  The kind of data sent to other processor is raw data which needs to be interpreted. From the touchscreen to the processor, the signals move in terms of electrical impulses.

The features of every touch are analyzed by the software in the processor. This way data is converted into useful information. The processor has a way of arranging the touches into groups depending on the features. When you move your fingers, the processor determines the starting and finishing point.

The gesture interpretation software is used to find out which command you sent. Your physical movement is combined with the information on which the application is made for. This is followed by the program sending the instructions to the right program. When the raw data does not match any available command, the touch-screen ignores such touch as one made by mistake.

All the above mentioned processes take place in an instant. The changes you see on the screen are all based on your input. With this process you will access all the features of the phone just by touching the screen using your fingertips.

The screen shape changes according to your taste and preferences. The screen can be shifted into many styles such as horizontal, vertical and even tilting it. There is an accelerator in the smartphones which helps the phone to change the orientation of the screen. That is, you can scroll through long lists of music files on a narrow or long screen and then be able to watch your favorite movies in a widescreen format.

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