Aug 14 2013

Why Should I Buy A Retro Mobile Phone?

Retro mobile phones is a fairly new niche in the market, but a rapidly growing one. If you’re a seller, there’s a lot of money to be made on old electronics. As far as mobile phones go, the older the better. Vintage models of mobile phones are now selling for hundreds of pounds. And by vintage, we don’t just mean an old iPhone 3, but phones from twenty to twenty five years ago. Smart phones are not retro, but old model Nokia and Motorola phones are. But why is this such a rapidly growing market? There are many reasons that people want to buy retro mobile phones, and here are just a few of them:

They’re Easy to Use

For older customers, retro mobile phones is a great choice. They’re simple and easy to use, with big buttons and basic menus. Retro mobile phones are a far cry from the complicated smart phones of today with their icons and picture messages and Facebook connectivity. A retro phone acts as just that, a phone. It can make calls, it may be able to send simple text messages, but that’s pretty much it. And that makes it an ideal choice for a technophobe or someone who just isn’t used to using a mobile.

For Stand By Phones

Some very early models of mobile phone are going for fantastically high prices. However, phones that aren’t such collector’s items are being sold for next to nothing at the moment. And this makes them the ideal choice for a second or stand by phone. If you need an emergency phone just in case something happens to your expensive smart phone, then a retro model can be the way to go. And many people who indulge in more dangerous activities, such as mountaineering or rock climbing prefer to have a cheaper retro model to take outdoors, since if it gets broken it doesn’t represent such a big investment.

Because of Fashion

In the same way that some people like to wear vintage clothes, some people like to carry a vintage phone. In fact, as we mentioned before, some very old models have become such collector’s pieces that they’re selling for huge amounts. Whether you want to be hipster cool, or just want to make a fashion statement and stand out from the crowd, a vintage mobile phone will definitely set you apart from the rest.

They’re Smaller and More Portable

Vintage models tend to be smaller and lighter than newer phones. Partially this is because they don’t require the technology that we expect from newer models of phone. A retro phone simply has to call and maybe text, there’s no internet to worry about, no big keyboards and cameras, no memory to worry about. And partly this is to do with fashion. As we’ve got used to having smart phones we’ve moved away from making smaller phones because we want bigger screens on which to read emails and surf the net. Bigger screens obviously make for bigger mobile phones, with screens nowadays getting closer and closer to five inches. This can make modern phones more difficult to carry around. Retro mobile phones don’t have this problem, just remember that for a long time during the nineties smaller was better, and phone manufacturers were battling to release the smallest and lightest devices possible.

Phil Turner compares the retro mobile phones  to fashion trends like vintage clothing. They never run out of style and will always have a special place in our hearts.

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