Aug 07 2011

Copy and Paste from a Web Site

Copy and pasting from a web site is critical.  Either to enter information to an email or entering tracking numbers to a Package Tracking app.  Here are the instructions on how to Copy and Paste from a Web Site.  I will provide 2 sets of instructions.  One without a physical keyboard and one with a physical keyboard.

1.  Bring up the menu and select “More”.

1a.  If you have a physical keyboard you can skip to step 3a.

2.  Select “Select Text”

3.  Select the text you want with your finger.  The highlighted text will be copied to the clip board.

3a.  Press Shift + roll the track ball to the spot you want to start high lighting.  Then press the track ball while keeping your finger pressed on shift and it will start high lighting.  Roll the track ball across the desired high lighted text.  Either press the track ball down again or take your finger off shift to stop high lighting.  This will copy the desired text to the clip board.  Go to step 4A.

4.  To copy the text to an email – Long Click on the email.  This will bring up the input menu.  Select “Paste”.  Long clicking on most places where you input text will bring up this menu.

4a.  Press menu + v to paste.

5.  The copied text will be pasted to the email.

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