Apr 06 2012

Application Folder

Description: Make pretty folders!

This application provides folders in your home with pretty icons.
Unlike default android folder, this is very easy and pretty and you can change the folder name and icon.
For the convenience, application folder shows the number of application as a badge.
Just take a look at screenshots!

A folder can contain applications, bookmarks, shortcuts, or contacts
(Whenever you create a folder, the folder basically contains “setting icon” for further customization – in case of folder 2, setting icon is located on window caption)

Ads will appear frequently if you create many folders.

Donation: You can find ad-free donation version in Google market and Amazon Appstore

Security issue
1) why Internet permission: for Google Admob
2) why Browser history: to query Bookmark for folder insertion
3) why Phone permission: to query Contact for folder insertion
4) why Package permission: to notify installation/uninstalltion.

Cost: Free

Developer: JH Jeong

Application Folder is a much better folder widget than the stock folder widget. Application Folder is highly customizable with a better look and feel than the stock folder widget.

Application Folder can display folder items in a scroll view, Windows like view, Bubble View, or IPhone view.

Sort folder items by alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order.

You can set a pin code to lock folders. The lock brings up a padlock screen to unlock. This gets a little annoying, as the padlock takes a while to scroll onto the numbers to unlock. It needs a way to unlock using a key pad. Using a key pad would be much faster.

Application Folder is a nice way to organize apps, contacts, bookmarks, and shortcuts on your Android device.

Download Here

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