Dec 14 2009

Battery Indicator

Description: Battery Indicator is an icon in the Status Bar that shows you your battery level as a percentage of full charge.

Limitations that are out of my control:

– The app can only display what the phone tells it.  Most phones report every 1%, but a few only report every 10%.

– There’s no way to remove the built-in battery icon.

Version: 1.1.1

Cost: Free

Developer: Darshan Computing




The screen capture may be a little hard to read, but you’ll notice the 4th icon to the left on the status bar.  In the left screen capture, the icon shows 37, which means 37% charged.  The little icon in the status bar uses up valuable status bar real estate, but I find it pretty useful. I find it a lot more helpful then the original battery icon. A number recording the battery level is a lot easier to read than the small original battery meter. Battery Indicator also shows the health, temperature, and voltage of the battery. My battery can get quite hot some times when charging, so it’s good to know the exact temperature of the battery to see if it’s within operating range. You can get percentage of battery life measurements if you go into the phone settings menu and check the phone status, but it’s a lot easier to see this with one touch of the Battery Indicator. Like the developer stated, it would be nice to be able to replace the original battery icon with the Battery Indicator icon, but that isn’t possible.

Download Here

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