Dec 12 2009

Easy Spirit Level

Description: Use your device as a Spirit Level or Bubble tool.  You can check levels in three panes:

– Horizontal on a flat surface (i.e. checking a worktop)

– Horizontal on a wall (i.e. hanging a picture)

– Vertical

Can be calibrated to suit all devices.

Version: 1.0

Cost: Free

Developer: Mobikats




I wouldn’t use my phone as a level because when I need a level, my hands are usually dirty and I don’t want to unnecessarily dirty up my phone. I also have a real level. This is a clever way to use the accelerometer though. The measurements seem pretty accurate and if I needed a level in a pinch I could substitute this app for a real level. You can calibrate the level manually if needed. Of course the phone is only 4.6″ long, so it might be hard to get a straight line with such a short reference.

Interesting idea for an App but I probably won’t use it much.

Download Here

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