Jul 21 2013

How iPhone and Android effected Home Security

Every devoted homeowner wants to make sure that his family and assets are protected 24/7. To be certain that everything is in order, an advanced home security system is required. However, we must admit that even the safest systems are not safe enough. Houses get robbed because their level of protection is not high enough. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, choose to monitor your home’s activity using an iPhone or Android.


Advanced technology is the future of home security

Over the past 10 years technology has managed to reach a whole new level. The way we talk on the phone was changed 180 degrees when the smartphone made its grand entrance. At this point, we can protect our homes using integrated apps that provide live streaming videos. The impact of the Android and iPhone on home security systems was huge, considering that we can fully control our homes with just a switch of a button.

The market is packed with home security apps for iPhone an Android, so it’s up to you to opt for the type that best suits your needs and budget. After you’ve decided on a preferred app, you have to download it on your smartphone to be able to monitor your home’s activity. Thanks to advanced technology, the iPhone has managed to change completely the definition ‘home surveillance’. The newly improved term is ‘home automation’. We must agree to the fact that iPhone and Android home security apps are ground-breaking.

Keep an eye on your home from anywhere

As soon as mobile technology advanced and became smart technology, iPhone and Android had to come up with some changes to make sure their customers are being entertained. Nonetheless, there’s nothing entertaining about home security, and being able to control your residence using a smartphone is certainly pioneering. Because of remote security alarms, Android and iPhone has managed to gain people’s trust. Their apps are extremely simple to implement, and as soon as the download is complete you can start watching over your property.

You need to have a security alarm system installed inside your home as well, in order to control it with your iPhone. While there are numerous competent systems on the market, you can always stick to the ones manufactured by Apple such as the iSmart Alarm for example. Most home security apps are meant to enable and disable a home’s security system. However, there are advanced apps that offer numerous other features such as light control, motion sensors, room temperature adjustments, and more.

The greatest impact of iPhone & Android on home security is given by live streaming

iPhone & Android home security apps can be managed straight from your phone. You can enable or disable your home alarm, adjust the temperatures of your rooms, turn off the lights, and more. Still, the greatest impact these apps have on home security is given by live streaming. Smartphone users who want to keep an eye on their homes can watch live videos with their home’s activity straight from their devices. Also, you can always turn back the clock to see what’s been happing on your property for the past days. You can either check to see if the kids went to school or if the house has been maintained clean.

As you can see, in terms of home security there’s nothing safer than monitoring your home live on your iPhone or Android. Pick the app that best matches your demands, and allow advanced technology to take good care of your property. Burglars won’t have any chances of breaking in because the moment they step foot on your property, the motion sensors will be activated and you’ll receive a notification to your smartphone that someone’s in your home. Whether you choose to call the police or deal with the matter by yourself, it’s up to you.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips wrote this article. He is a frequent writer and his articles are usually concerned with security issues and locksmith services. Even his site also provides locksmith services for security grilles.

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