Jul 04 2014

Hyper Torchlight with Remote


I would like my App “Hyper Torchlight with Remote” to be featured on you site.


These are the details:
As soon as you install the app goto the Widgets menu (by tap-holding on the screen) and drag and drop the remote widget.
Features (new & free!):
— Includes an innovative “Remote” widget that lights both on-screen light and the LED light at just one touch!
— Ultra bright light that maximizes hardware utilization
— Flashing/strobe option up to 9 levels
— Elegant black and blue user interface design that soothes your eyes
— Completely free to use
— Bug free; works on any device
— Small, friendly dev team; we are more than happy to hear from you, incorporate your ideas and requests into Hyper Torchlight with Remote app. Feel free to contact us :)
Hyper Torchlight with Remote is a free torch/LED light app that comes with a unique design and a one tap remote widget! This unique feature eliminates the need to tap on the icon, and tap the light button again. Instead, with just one tap now you can light up both on screen and LED backlight at the same time giving you the maximum brightness no matter where you are. The Hyper Torchlight with Remote app also consists of a strobe that can be set to 9 different frequencies.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.


Donald Street



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