Jun 24 2013

Keep Your Pride And Joy On The Road With These Android Apps!

In an ideal world, driving your car should be a hassle free experience, but there are so many variables involved that some of us seem to be fighting a losing battle. Unless you have the means to afford a brand new car, there is always an element of doubt involved every time you turn that key in the ignition. The world recession is still having a field day and most of us could do without the added expense of car repairs. Well those boffins over at Android have developed some seriously clever apps that kindly give us a helping hand with our automobile health issues. If you would like some of this special attention, please read the rest of this article.

Auto Care by Don Wise III


– Freehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.autocare&hl=en

Our first car care app is a real beauty thanks to Done Wise III, it is absolutely free and may just save your car from an expensive illness! This application will work for any type of vehicle and allows you to track your motorised buddy’s maintenance schedule down to a tee. As well as letting you know when your car is due for any type of maintenance intervention, this app alsodoes its utmost to educate you in the ways of all things vehicular. You’ll find out exactly what happens when you don’t follow expert advice and each bit of maintenance has been given a skill rating. This will let you track a whole fleet of vehicles and allows you to tweak each input in a bespoke way so you never lose track of which one you’re monitoring. We love this app and say hat’s off to you Don!!

Auto Repair by Marks Applications LLC

– $1.99http://www.appszoom.com/android_applications/social/auto-repair_cigtc.html

This car repair app takes a slightly different route to the rank and file applications out there in Android land and we think it really has something special for you. It is like a social network for car nuts and the options are unlimited. You simply download Auto Repair and sign up to the social side of things, takes about 20 seconds. Once you are in the zone you can start to make contact with similar minded individuals who love nothing better than chatting about their respective cars. If you have any questions about your own motorised steed, just throw it out there and before too long you will have a whole thread of considered opinions to mull over. We can’t guarantee that you’ll get a correct answer every time, but you’ll have heaps of fun finding out! The app sends you an email every time you get a response and there are real mechanics who like nothing better than sharing their love for cars with the forum. We nearly forgot, there is also a handy car expenses feature that helps you to keep a track of your Camaro or Mustang. You’ll have no excuses for running out of gas and have thousands of new buddies to chat with!

Android –We Salute You!

Two very different apps but both have your motoring concerns very close to their respective hearts!

Today’s feature contributor,Paul Lennon, is a financial expert who works for Fast Action, a company that provides vehicle title loans in Mississauga. He likes giving financial advice to others by sharing his thoughts and opinions through his blog posts.

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