Jan 27 2012

My Nextbus

Description: What does Toronto, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, New York and Banff have in common?

Answer: Their transit service can be tracked online via Nextbus.comFor complete list of served municipalities, please check: http://news.nextbus.com/find-your-nextbus/select-your-nextbus-powered-transit-system/

This is a dedicated browser for Nextbus.com without having to type in a single letter on your phone. Make sure you have data connection and working GPS on your phone.
This streamlined application will tell you when your next bus will arrive at your bus stop.

If you want to leave a comment or suggestions, please visit our website athttp://msandroid.blogspot.com

Disclaimer: this app [My Nextbus] has no affiliation with Nextbus.com in any way.

Please rate and tell your friends if you like it! Thank you.
-add sharing via Menu button
-enabled original menu available via nextbus.com
-enabled for other countries (other than US/Canada)
(useful for visitors to North America) :)

-(please) make sure you have enabled GPS; otherwise you will be presented with GPS Settings
-fix problem where the GPS won’t stop when you press Home key (thank you Sharon!)
-limit the use of GPS to 3 minutes only (will auto turn off GPS after 3 minutes) (as a fail safe from turning off GPS)
-add warning when you don’t have Internet connection

-minor modification on obtaining user location using GPS
-icon is now transparent
-verified to work with Ice Cream Sandwich

Cost: Free


Public transportation is great, but some times it’s not the most punctual. Ever think the bus is just around the corner and you keep waiting and waiting, but it doesn’t arrive? My Nextbus solves this dilemma by showing you where the bus is real time on a map.

My Nextbus works fairly well. The schedules are correct and the bus location pin on the map is accurate. It automatically shows you the nearby buses based on your GPS, or you can choose a different bus route in the menu.

Only supports routes in NextBus.

Download Here

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