Jun 27 2013


We are all looking for ways to improve productivity in the most simple and effective way possible. ONDiGO is an exciting new tool that does just that – providing a smarter way to interact with your customers.

ONDiGO is not a shaved down version of Salesforce. Instead, you get only the relevant information you need when speaking with your customers. Every feature has a valuable purpose.

Pulling all the data from your phonebook, ONDiGO lists your contacts without any extra work on your part. Swiping right on a contact gives you the option to label your contact (which you can customize) as well as leave a note, mark as ‘task’, add a meeting (or reminder) to your calendar, and upload an attachment.

The latest note is shown in the main call log and, better yet, it pops up when that person calls you. After a call, it offers the choice of leaving a new note. Also, all notes have the text-to-speech ability for your convenience.

All notes, documents, calls, and texts are aggregated in the Activity History for each contact – a great way to refresh your memory. There is the option to sort by tasks, which is very handy, in addition to sorting by labels (preset as: “new”, “in-progress”, “customer”, “business”). You can also display contacts from your various e-mail or messaging apps accounts.

ONDiGO offers the ability to separate Business from Personal contacts, with the option to turn off the notes feature when your friends and family call.

ONDiGO is an intuitive, user-friendly CRM for your mobile device. You have access to your pertinent information wherever you are and it builds your database for you as you use it. Definitely recommend it.

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    1. Comment by Kimberly on July 7, 2013 at 6:59 am

      Thanks for the review!
      Just tried it.. I think I may have found the perfect application for me :-)

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