Dec 12 2009


Description: Phonalyzr uses your call and SMS logs to display graphs and usage summaries, giving you a new look into your phone usage habits.  Track minutes and usage using summaries and 17 graphs such as top callers, phone usage over time and others.

Version: 1.5

Cost: Free

Developer: Phonalyzr







Phonalyzr showed me how much more my mom calls me than any other person.  I blurred out the other names on my callers list for mine and their privacy, but it normally comes out clear.

Phonalyzr has a a good amount of features.  It tracks data for:

Phone Calls –

Usage Summary

Top Callers by Minutes

Top Callers by Calls

Missed vs Regular Calls

Outbound vs Inbound Calls

Number of Minutes per Time

Number of Calls per Time

Number of Minutes per Day

Number of Minutes per Hour

Number of Calls per Hour

Call Length Distribution


Usage Summary

Top Senders

Sent vs. Received SMS

Number of SMS per time

Number of SMS per Day

Number of SMS per Hour

SMS Length Distribution

It can give some interesting information of your call habits.  For example, mine displays I make a similar amount of calls that I receive, I’m pretty good at answering phone calls, and I make most of my calls between 6PM – 8PM.  It seems to only track the last 500 calls in the usage summary, so it’s not your total phone history, but 500 calls is a big enough sample size to track your call habits.

I wouldn’t say this is useful information for me and I prob won’t be checking this data often, but it’s good know.

Download Here

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      Excellent APP

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