May 30 2014

Scratch Protector

“Scratch Protector” does exactly what its name says, it will protect your smartphone from small scratches that occur in certain situations. Our analysis shows that most of the scratches on your phone happen when it vibrates on a rough surface, as it’s the case when you put it to charge (how many times you left it charging on the floor?).

“Scratch Protector” prevents small scratches by automatically disabling vibration when your smartphone is being charged. As soon as you plug it out, the app will automatically switch to the initial state (i.e. vibration/ringer or vibration only) thus you don’t have to worry about changing anything. With this app you get access to several important features such as:
– Phone protection during charges from small scratches or accidental falls (if you leave your phone on the corner of a table charging and it vibrates, it will plunge to its death)
– Disable vibration mode automatically during charges and re-enabling when plugged off
– High pitch ringtones that get activated automatically during charging to avoid losing important calls
– Works in the background and doesn’t require any user interaction other than initial setup

“Scratch Protector” is completely free and available on Google Play.

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