Apr 02 2013

Settings Debugger

* ROOT required *
* busybox required *

Debug your Sqlite Databases.
Debug your Shared Preferences.
Try to hack your own app via changing settings.

Browse all your installed apps, see every setting-file, the app uses.
Kill the app, quick uninstall the app, or even quick clear the files.
Start viewing the content of the file / database simply by clicking the button with the given filename.

Shared Preferences:
Easily change the values of the shared prefs.
NOTE: all values are typesafe!
Delete a preference entry, simply by using the “swipe to dismiss” pattern.
Or delete the whole preference file.

SQLite Databases:
Raw query the databases (eg sql statement over several tables)
Long click the table / index / trigger / view to see the create statement
Edit / Delete / Copy a row simply by selecting the desired row and use the actionbar options (menu options)
– supports multiple delete rows (by long click)
Add a new row from scratch.
NOTE: all values are typesafe!
Select columns you want to see.
Create a custom order.

Used Permissions:
check license via Google Licensing:
* com.android.vending.CHECK_LICENSE
* android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE
* android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER

Differences Pro – Lite:
– Kill app
– Clear data
– Quick uninstall
– Delete shared preferences file
– Save changes to shared preferences
– Delete database file
– Raw query databases
– Show create statement of the table / index / trigger / view
– Edit / add / copy / delete a table row

Cost: Free/3.99

Developer: Lucas Grunberger

settings debugger 1

settings debugger 2

settings debugger

With Settings Debugger you can:

debug your settings:
* shared preferences
* sqlite databases

shared prefernces:
* delete file
* edit preferences entry (typesafe!)
* delete preference entry by swipe to dismiss pattern

* delete file
* raw query (eg over several tables)
* see create statment by long click on table
* see all tables / indices / views / triggers
* add / edit / copy / remove row (all typesafe!)
* multiple remove row (by longclick)
* select columns to display
* order by click on column name
* custom order

Download From Google Play

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