Feb 16 2010


Description: Uses the phone’s GPS to calculate the speed.

HUD mode can be selected to reflect the speed onto the windshield.  Various digital and analog displays.  Mph or Kph.

Version: 1.0.13

Cost: Free

Developer: The Swirling Brain

Speed is a cool app for the back seat driver or anybody that wants to know what speed they are traveling at if they can’t see the speedometer, for instance if they’re on a train or straddled on the back of your sister’s banana seat bicycle.

Speed has many layout options.  The display can be set as either a digital or analog speedometer.  The digital display has various colors and fonts.   The analog display can be set to a variety of speedometers from a 65 Mustang, to a Mercedes, to an old school Volkswagon.

The speed is pretty accurate when I compared it to my speedometer in my car.  It will also tell you the direction you are are going as well as your trip distance, max and average speeds.

Speed even has an option to use it as an H.U.D. (head up display).  I was skeptical the H.U.D. would work.  I tried it out, putting it on top of my dash board at night and to my surprise it actually works quite well as an H.U.D. speedometer.

Download Here

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