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Jul 30 2014

Askt Free Journal


Always wanted to start a diary? “Askt” is a fast and elegant new app to help you start a journal. Its unique approach to journaling is the fact that everyday you have to answer one thought-provoking question. The best part is you can compare what you answered in previous years, to see how your thoughts evolved in time. Its only “downside”? You can only look back in time, not forward into the future :). Here are some features that make “Askt” your best option for a mobile diary: – Each day of the year you get a different question (i.e. […]

Jul 27 2014

No more miss touch


Hello. I am a Japanese android application developer. I have contacted you to ask if our site could publish a review article. The application I would like you to review is listed below. Application name: “No more miss touch” Application URL: Application outline: This is an application for prevent wrong touch. Thank you for your consideration. ADAMAK    

Jul 16 2014

Lowa: Location Address Wallet


Hi, I’ve recently released my first app for Android called “Lowa” ( ), an app that helps you manage and share your location address with your friends. “Lowa” is a location wallet management app that allows you to save various location addresses. Once the location addresses are saved you can share them with your friends or send those as images via other social networks (i.e. Twitter, Facebook). “Lowa” will also give you driving directions to the saved places, let you call the associated phone number for that location or find nearby locations shared by other Lowa users. These are […]

Jul 04 2014

Hyper Torchlight with Remote


Hi, I would like my App “Hyper Torchlight with Remote” to be featured on you site. These are the details: As soon as you install the app goto the Widgets menu (by tap-holding on the screen) and drag and drop the remote widget. Features (new & free!): — Includes an innovative “Remote” widget that lights both on-screen light and the LED light at just one touch! — Ultra bright light that maximizes hardware utilization — Flashing/strobe option up to 9 levels — Elegant black and blue user interface design that soothes your eyes — Completely free to use — […]

Jun 26 2014

Hidden Camera Detector


Quickly scan any room for hidden cameras and make sure no one is spying on you! Thousands of downloads and counting! Up to 90% less than a hardware spy camera detector! Spy cameras are so common they can now be hidden in teddy bears, clocks, watches, key chain remotes and even in your bathrobe and towel hooks! Protect yourself against this invasion of your privacy today! See the “how to video” at Key Features: •Uses the iPhone camera and flash to find potential hidden spy cameras •Targets potential spy cameras live on your screen •Costs only a fraction of […]

Jun 25 2014

VibeRing – Automatic Phone Mode Switcher Android App


VibeRing is THE app to make your smartphone…SMART! Using your phone’s GPS and Google Maps, VibeRing will always know your location and will automatically switch your phone from Ring, to Vibrate, or to Mute depending upon your defined preference. Never again be embarrassed by your phone ringing when it should have been set to vibrate. Never again miss an important call because you forgot to turn back on your ringer. Set your preferences and forget it…let VibeRing remember those forgetful switches for you! Features: • User defined locations for phone to Ring, Vibrate, or go Mute • Two predefined radii […]

Jun 23 2014

Weather Live with Widgets Free – the most beautiful weather app. Ever.


Whether it is sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy or even stormy outside, Weather Live will provide you with stunning animations that reflect current weather conditions and forecast in your city and multiple locations all around the world. The app is available for download at: Weather Live product page:

Jun 17 2014



Hi, I’m a French app developer and recently released an Android version of seeTime ( ), an app that lets you master date and time calculations. Do you know how many days are left until your birthday? Or until the summer holiday? With seeTime you can easily calculate how many days/weeks/months or even years are between two particular dates. It lets you input any two dates, so you can even calculate how much time elapsed since a particular historical date in the past (or how much time is left until we send a ship to Mars). With seeTime difficult […]

Jun 17 2014

KeyZag Keyboard


Hi, Microth has recently updated KeyZag Keyboard for Android ( ), a revolutionary “keyless”, flexible keyboard based on patent pending technology of optimal circle packing within a container of given shape. Frustrated with cramped, narrow keys that lead to more typos than a text message from Paris Hilton? It’s time to try KeyZag! KeyZag is a flexible keyboard app that can be placed anywhere on screen and scaled to any size. KeyZag differentiates from other screen keyboard apps by providing high levels of input comfort for both landscape and portrait orientations, symbols of desired size, and advanced recognition of […]

Jun 12 2014

OnGuardHelp Personal Safety app


App Name: OnGuardHelp Cost: FREE Company name: Guardian Help, Inc Category: Lifestyle Version: 1.4 Size: 2.3M Compatibility: Android 2.2 and up Video Link:- Google Play Link: Description : When Seconds Count ……. Count on OnGuardHelp! Never be alone with help just a tap away. Guardian Help, Inc. is presenting a mobile software application called OnGuardHelp. This mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) APP is designed to enhance personal safety and provide immediate help in a non-emergency as well as emergency situation. OnGuardHelp is a simple, easy to use, and feature-rich personal safety app designed specifically for smartphones and […]

Jun 02 2014

AMdroid Smart Alarm Clock


AMdroid is a smart alarm clock that improves morning routines. It is fully customizable and adapts to modern-day needs. You can choose how to be notified from an unlimited set of alarm profiles, set up recurring alarms or one-time alarms and even countdown alarms (i.e. for afternoon power naps). By installing AMdroid you will be able to improve your wake-up routines as it offers more features than your standard alarm clock: – Automatically recognizes off-days by downloading a list of public holidays for your country and stays “quiet” for those holidays – No easy snooze to avoid oversleeps. With AMdroid […]

May 30 2014

Scratch Protector


“Scratch Protector” does exactly what its name says, it will protect your smartphone from small scratches that occur in certain situations. Our analysis shows that most of the scratches on your phone happen when it vibrates on a rough surface, as it’s the case when you put it to charge (how many times you left it charging on the floor?). “Scratch Protector” prevents small scratches by automatically disabling vibration when your smartphone is being charged. As soon as you plug it out, the app will automatically switch to the initial state (i.e. vibration/ringer or vibration only) thus you don’t have […]

Aug 03 2013

3D Home App: Feel The Real Time Immersive 3D Experience In your Phone Desktop

3d Home

One good thing about the Android operating system and the Android smartphones nowadays is its ability to become fully customizable solely depending on the preferences of its user. From the fully customizable icon, app shortcuts and widgets to the home screen itself, there is really no telling what other amazing things the Android operating system and its smartphones can do. And when talking about customizable home screens, Android of course has hundreds and thousands of different applications that would not only give its user a sense of customized ownership but a different kind of user experience as well with the […]

Jul 21 2013

How iPhone and Android effected Home Security


Every devoted homeowner wants to make sure that his family and assets are protected 24/7. To be certain that everything is in order, an advanced home security system is required. However, we must admit that even the safest systems are not safe enough. Houses get robbed because their level of protection is not high enough. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, choose to monitor your home’s activity using an iPhone or Android. Advanced technology is the future of home security Over the past 10 years technology has managed to reach a whole new level. The way we talk […]

Jul 07 2013



Many of us have experienced often the moment when it was necessary to pull out our Android quickly and access the camera. However, it is now at the peak stress, we do not find the camera icon and missing the critical moment. Therefore, to avoid such situations in the future, a new app was developed called Shake. The app allows us to shake the device and as a result run different actions – even when the screen is turned off. As part of the wide range of actions offered by the application that take place during the shaking, we can […]

Jun 29 2013

Understanding Mobile Attackers Will Help You Stay Protected When Mobile

A little-understood danger Mobile phones, or smartphones, are hardly phones at all; they are essentially small-scale computers that include phoning as one of their many capabilities (and now we have smartwatches, too!). As such, they are vulnerable to the same kinds of threats — malware, viruses, Trojan horses, adware and the like — as any other device that has Internet access. Indeed, the eminent computer security company Symantec put mobile attacks at the top of its list of security threats for 2013. Unfortunately, too few smartphone owners realize this danger and often surf carelessly and even recklessly, with their devices. […]

Jun 27 2013


Ondigo 1

We are all looking for ways to improve productivity in the most simple and effective way possible. ONDiGO is an exciting new tool that does just that – providing a smarter way to interact with your customers. ONDiGO is not a shaved down version of Salesforce. Instead, you get only the relevant information you need when speaking with your customers. Every feature has a valuable purpose. Pulling all the data from your phonebook, ONDiGO lists your contacts without any extra work on your part. Swiping right on a contact gives you the option to label your contact (which you can […]

Jun 24 2013

Keep Your Pride And Joy On The Road With These Android Apps!

In an ideal world, driving your car should be a hassle free experience, but there are so many variables involved that some of us seem to be fighting a losing battle. Unless you have the means to afford a brand new car, there is always an element of doubt involved every time you turn that key in the ignition. The world recession is still having a field day and most of us could do without the added expense of car repairs. Well those boffins over at Android have developed some seriously clever apps that kindly give us a helping hand […]

Jun 23 2013

Instalator – Multi Translation with ONE Click


Days today are no longer bilingual or trilingual, we are living in multi racial networked society, especially with mobile devices. Talking to a new foreign student at school, having visiting colleagues from the Japanese branch, buying things at a local Chinese store, or simply traveling somewhere out of town. Knowing a little of another’s language is often the key to breaking barriers, especially when the other party feels you are trying your best. Mobile translation is a hot application area, but seemingly dozens of translation apps are cumbersome and have too many buttons to click to get the actual results. […]

Jun 14 2013

Battery Saver 2X FREE

Battery Saver 2

Description:Battery Saver is geared with many features such as,
– Remaining time for each activity with battery indicator
– Save battery power with simple one-touch navigation
– Clean memory with one-touch optimizer button
– App uninstaller to save battery
– Battery Charge Alert

Cost: Free

Developer: Fast & Easy Tools