Aug 09 2013

Create A Database That Is Envied By Your Competitors With The Help Of These 3 Apps!

One of the most important and effective ways for reaching out to your target audience is email marketing. Every email marketer must know that the key to converting a potential customer to a customer is the connection you create. One of the ways you can create a connection with the customers is to customize the mail as per the person you are trying to reach. Living in the age that we do, information about someone is available at just a few clicks. What you need to do is assimilated all this information then build a strong database that has all the information you need about the potential customer. To help you with it, today we are looking at some of the applications and programs that will help you fill out contact details and make sure it has everything you need at your finger tips.
Gmail/ Google contact list

This web based contact manager comes hand in hand with, arguably the most used and popular email client, Gmail. Considering that anything that has a Google stamp on it is lapped up by all, the Gmail app is no different. This contact manager isn’t a standalone and this is the only drawback of this amazing manager. However, since it is linked with Google which is so widely used, it has the advantage of third party interfaces and features. With all this in mind, one thing that every Google user is waiting for is an epic contact manager from Google without the Gmail linkup. However, till then, this Gmail one suffices as it offers a set of quite comprehensive and sophisticated contact management.

Earlier, Plaxo was just one of the love-children kind of ventures of Napster entrepreneur, Sean Parker. Later on, it was acquired by Comcast. Earlier it was a contact manager along with a social network. However, in the year 2011, it did a pivot and went ahead to drop off its social network arm. Since then it has established itself as a trusted and sophisticated contact manager. It juggles various accounts and creates quite a comprehensive backup of contact across all platforms. When creating a database, if you don’t have to scout details from all over the place, it becomes quite a boon. This is what this app does for you. It picks out information from social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and etc.
Evernote Hello

Evernote has established itself as one of the best databases and managers around. This reputation is taken forward by its contact manager arm, Evernote Hello. Technologically, this program is very innovative. If yours is a business that requires you to judge your targeted audience on the basis of looks and appearance, this app is for you. The most unique and innovative feature of this app is that it categorizes the contacts on the basis of photographs. It creates a beautiful mosaic of photographs and the user interface is appealing too.
These three programs and apps will go a long way in creating that coveted and huge database that will have all the information you need at one place. So, who says email marketing management is difficult?

Today’s feature writer, Charlie Kutcher, works for, a Canada based company offering email marketing services. When he is not busy working, he enjoys spending time with his family.

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