Jun 23 2013

Instalator – Multi Translation with ONE Click

Days today are no longer bilingual or trilingual, we are living in multi racial networked society, especially with mobile devices.

Talking to a new foreign student at school, having visiting colleagues from the Japanese branch, buying things at a local Chinese store, or simply traveling somewhere out of town. Knowing a little of another’s language is often the key to breaking barriers, especially when the other party feels you are trying your best.

Mobile translation is a hot application area, but seemingly dozens of translation apps are cumbersome and have too many buttons to click to get the actual results.

Simple and Easy to use

Instalator works great because translation is now so easy. Just type and click. The app brings the important stuff to just a single screen. The app is responsive and stable, providing the feedback necessary for you to figure out if your network is off, or maybe you haven’t input your features.

One screen, many languages

Despite that one single screen, the app is pretty easy on the eye and feature rich with over 70 languages to choose from. The app has included backward font compatibility for older Android versions.

Voice recognition input

The latest Google voice recognition feature has been integrated to make the translation experience easier to manage.  (Just remember you have to select your voice input language to make voice recognition more accurate). Now you don’t even need to type, just talk and click.

Text to speech

Again by seamlessly integrating a Google feature into the app, you can listen to the phrase in multiple languages. This is however,  dependent on your phone and the language packs available from Google.

Overall, a very cool app that is well-polished in many areas, including copy and paste, a nice-looking help guide and many more. Instalator app is totally free, and completely ad-free. It is now in the top 200 Playstore apps in the new free category for books and references. Just continue to submit your ratings to Playstore if you like the app to support the development work.

Highly recommended download.

App Description:

Instant Translator (Insta-lator) translates into multiple languages, instantly. Impress your friends, family, colleagues and everyone telling them how a thought, feeling or expression is like through multiple language translations in ONE click.

Instalator (Free) is available now at the Google Playstore at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jattcode.instalator and you can read more about it at my website http://instalatorapp.co.nr. Here’s a video of the Instalator in action and a couple of screen shots follow below.










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