Mar 24 2012

Kyte Phone

Description: Kyte Phone turns any Android into a kids-friendly phone with full parental controls and GPS tracking.

Once parents log in, Kyte takes over the device with a friendly, playful UI from which kids cannot exit. Kids can then call and receive calls from a list of parent-approved numbers and play any apps and games parents enable.

Using their web dashboard, parents can see their child’s latest location and get a summary of all activity on the phone, including games played and calls made. Parents can also quickly change who their kids can call and which games they can play, with everything synced automatically.

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Cost: Free

Developer: KytePhone

To all the parents, I’d like to introduce you to Kyte Phone.

If you ever have to let your kid borrow your phone without messing it up, use Kyte Phone to set permissions and limit what they can access. With Kyte Phone, you can set what phone numbers they can dial and what apps they can access. Once Kyte Phone is launched, you can’t exit out of Kyte Phone without the password. Even if you try to restart the phone when Kyte Phone is launched, Kyte Phone will stay launched at start up.

When Kyte Phone is launched, you can check from the Kyte Phone website:

  • When the Kyte Phone app was launched
  • Call logs
  • When and what apps have been used
  • A map of where the phone is

To set up accessible apps, go on the Kyte Phone web site and they will have a list of apps you have downloaded from the Google play store. They won’t have apps that you did not download via the Google Play store. Highlight the apps you want to show up on your phone. The apps on the Kyte Phone web site don’t seem to be organized in any order, so finding apps can be tedious.

Setting up contacts is a little tedious also. It doesn’t pull up your contacts, so you have to manually enter every number you want accessible. Too bad it can’t pull up your contact list to check which contacts you want to add. You can manually set a picture to each contact after it’s added.

There’s no texting support either.

Kyte Phone is new so I’m sure improvements will be me to made to make Kyte Phone even better.

Download Here

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