Jan 05 2010

PdaNet Free Edition

Description: PdaNet allows your computer to go online through the Android phones data connection. Supports USB Tether and Bluetooth DUN. No root access needed and runs on all Android phones. Mac&PC

*free edition only blocks secure sites

*Bluetooth DUN requires Android 2.0.

Version: 2.16

Cost: Free, 23.95 for full version

Developer: June Fabrics Technology Inc.

I’ve used PdaNet on numerous occasions when I didn’t have WiFi.  I’ve never had much problems with it.  No problems with dropped connections.  I couldn’t get files to tftp to a server though.  But that was probably because the tftp port was blocked on my internet connection or I was only using the PdaNet free edition.  The paid edition for $29 allows secure websites while the free version blocks them.  Another problem I had was when I would not have PdaNet as the open app on my phone, it would drop the connection, even though it says it can run as a background process.  So I’d have to keep it open running in the foreground. This was probably due to the memory issue when I was trying it out on the G1. I’ll have to try it out on newer more powerful phones.

You’ll have to download PdaNet software to your computer before you can use PdaNet.  If you haven’t installed that before hand, PdaNet has instructions to download it using your phone.

Only the free version is available on the Android Market. If you want to download the full version, you can download it from the June Fabrics website.

Download Free Version Here

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