Dec 14 2009

Old School Dialer

Description: Sick of your boring stock dialer keypad? Well, this is an application that gives you an old rotary dialer.
If takes too long to dial a phone number rotating the disc – switch to quick mode.

Version: 1.2

Cost: Free

Developer: Wagado



This app is for those of you who feel like you need to live in the 70s and has to use a rotary dialer instead of the more easier and faster to use touch tone keypad. It even sounds like an old rotary dialer. It has a mute button to mute the sound of the rotary dialer, not to mute your phone. It also has an option to pull up your contacts and dial from your contacts, but it will still go through the process of dialing all the numbers on the rotary dialer.

The Rotary Dialer looks groovy and works consistently, but dialing on the Rotary Dialer takes about 10 times longer than it would normally take to dial on a touch tone keypad. It’s a good novelty, but I don’t take much pleasure in the process of making a phone call, so I’d rather just use the touch tone keypad. So I’ll stay in the present day and leave my bell bottoms in the closet and stick with the touch tone keypad to make calls.

Wait, I never owned bell bottoms because I’m too young.

Download Here

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