Nov 24 2010

SIESTA Text Away Message

Description: SIESTA Text Away Message is the simplest, cleanest SMS-auto reply app! Customize your Siesta away-message and when someone texts or calls, your phone sends them an instant auto reply text. Let SIESTA Text do the texting work for you!

Cost: .99

Developer: MAO NYC

The developer of this app emailed me and said this is the greatest away SMS away app in the history of the universe.  Those are pretty strong words and it’s not up to me to confirm if this is true or not.  This is the first SMS away app I’ve looked at, so I can definitely say this is the best SMS away app I have seen so far.

If you know people who constantly call and text needing to know where you are, you can use SIESTA Text to inform them and hopefully get them off your back.  You can set up a recipient list, specific times and repeats.  Set whether you want to send an away text if the recipient texts, calls or both.  Set up multiple away messages for various scenarios.  Check out MAO NYC‘s website for instructions on setting up the messages.  Setting up an away message is easy and only takes a minute or two.  My only gripe on setting up the away message is the contact list.  The contact list doesn’t seem to be listed in any particular order.  I’d expect it to be in alphabetical order but it’s not.

I experienced a couple force closes.  It’s not compatible with some 3rd party apps.  It didn’t work properly with SayMyName turned on.  The text back away message when somebody calls didn’t work when I had Google Voice activated.  I emailed back the developer and they stated they have seen issues with Google Voice on the T-Mobile network.  Other than these issues, it worked as stated.  Hopefully they fix these for future releases.  For $.99 it’s a great product.

Download Here

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2 Responses to “SIESTA Text Away Message”

    1. Comment by DTropiano on November 26, 2010 at 7:18 am

      yep i bought this last week (on an original Droid) and was havin’ a similar issue with the Siesta message not sending. i emailed them and they got back to me in (no exaggeration) 20 mins. told me about the 3rd party SMS apps possible gettin’ in the way. i disabled the one i had on and Siesta’s now runnin’ like a dream. thing sends the auto-responses in like half a second. def one of those ‘where was i without this app?’ kind of apps. LOVE IT. totally worth what i’d normally spend on a cup of coffee. predict this s**t’s gonna blow up :)

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    2. Comment by bcamp on November 26, 2010 at 8:30 am

      This app is really practical and useful. I had another one
      about a year ago, but it was rather confusing and limiting.
      I bought Siesta a week ago and have used it 3 times since!
      Amazing! No issues yet, but will keep you posted.

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