Jul 20 2013

5 Education Apps That Guarantee Success

Most students today are extremely comfortable with electronic devices, far more than any previous generation. They also have a wide variety of tablets, smartphones and personal computers from which to choose. As the devices proliferate and become more powerful, it is important that educators find ways to use them as tools for education. Education applications for mobile devices can be used in all facets of learning and at every stage, from the kindergartner dealing with the basics of arithmetic to the college student enrolled in a leadership course. Here is a list of some of the best education apps available today:


Communication is one of the core elements of leadership courses and language is the main tool of communication. With the Languages app on their tablet computer or smartphone, a student can download a dictionary for the language of their choice. It allows users to look up words or browse the whole dictionary if they choose. The app’s clean interface is displayed as a bookshelf with books representing each language. By tapping one of the books, the user can download that dictionary onto their device. The app is available for use on the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Share Your Board

This app allows a user to take a picture of a whiteboard and save it as a PDF file. The app adjusts the picture to ensure that it is made clearer and more legible. This allows them to have a reference after meetings and sessions in the classroom. They are also able to share the PDF with their friends. Share Your Board is available for the Android operating system.


Education on how to collaborate on projects is an important part of leadership courses. Collaboration requires organization and apps like this one can help with many of the responsibilities that come with group-work, such as assigning tasks to group members. Trello allows deadlines to be set, tasks to be assigned and real-time collaboration within the group. It can be used to manage large and small projects and is as easy to use as a whiteboard and Post-It notes. Users can drag and drop cards and use keyboard shortcuts. Trello is available on Android and for the iPhone, iPad and iPod.


One of the big benefits of mobile devices is how easy they make note-taking, which is a big part of college life. Notability is a note-taking app that enables the user to write with a stylus or their finger and to draw. It also offers the ability to organize notes in categories and subfolders. Users can even spell-check their notes as well as highlight, underline and italicize. Users can use Notability to annotate PDF files and highlight important passages. It comes with built-in sharing functionality; it allows users to email a document as well as to send it to Dropbox in PDF or RTF format. Notability is available for the iPad.

Just as a leadership course can help a student’s career options in the future, being able to organize and streamline the process of learning is also important. Having these apps on an Android or iOS device can make college life less stressful. For one thing, they make it less necessary for a student to have their laptop with them all the time. While no app can guarantee a passing grade, these can certainly make the various tasks associated with learning easier.

Today’s feature contributor, Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger. She has previously worked for Leading Teams; a company that strives for improving organisational performance by aligning teams and developing leaders. She loves music and enjoys going to concerts.

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