Sep 04 2015

English to Armenian Dictionary

What is the name of your app?

“English to Armenian Dictionary”

What is the download link for your app and how much does it cost?” it is free.

Who is the developer?

“LastThink LLC”

What is the website, facebook, twitter, or any other link for the developer?”

What does your app do? Please describe the best features of your app.

*Gives you availability of wide-ranging synonyms and antonyms.

*Deepens your understanding of word formations and the origins of words.

*Grants you an opportunity to find trustworthy translations of colloquial and formal words as well as conjugation of verbs and declension of nouns.

*Helps you to study structural relationships in a foreign language and the grammatical functions of words by bringing usage examples of each word you are searching.

*Sounds a word and word translation. Just tap on the screen and listen to the proper pronunciation of the preferred word.

What makes your app different from similar apps?

“It is a free app which is completely processed very frequently by the professionals.”

Who does your app target?

” Armenian and English Language users.”

Where did you get the idea for your app?

“Day to day we are thinking what to create which is more attractive and useful.”

How have you marketed your app?

” Review Press Release, Facebook promotion, promotion on diverse websites.”

10. Include screen shots or video from your app





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