Jun 27 2013

Allow Android Apps To Make Your Next Vacation A Little More Awesome!

Your vacation is supposed to be a time when you can finally chill out for a while and forget about your boss or college lecturers and just be yourself. Many of us take this opportunity to see a bit of the world and experience different cultures. Far flung destinations like Vietnam and Papua New Guinea have opened up their doors and offer us new experiences like never before. The downside to international travel is the sometimes stress inducing incidents that we are forced to endure. We need to stick to tight deadlines and even tighter airport regulations, and these can often affect our enjoyment in a detrimental manner. Fortunately the wizards at Android have developed a number of apps that claim to help us deal with these killjoys. This article looks at a few of these right now and lets you know if they can back up these boasts!

FlightTrack by Mobiata

– $4.99https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobiata.flighttrack&hl=en

Our first app is totally focussed on tracking flights and it really adds a little pizazz to a very important travel issue. The application covers over 3,000 airports and has a real-time status feature for flight times, delays and gate updates. Over 1,400 airlines can be fully tracked at ease and you’ll never have to dredge through those lousy airport websites again. You can use FlightTrack to check on your seating allocation and upload your flight status information to any social media platform for those all-important group travel details. As well as these vital features you are also brought weather reports from each airport and route locations. The speed of each flight and altitude information is there for the most nerdish of us, and we all love these details really! You also have some stunning maps and images to help make this tool a little easier to play with. This app was named as one of the top 6 travel applications by those experts at Mashable, and quite simply that is good enough for us!

Yelp by Yelp

– Freehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yelp.android&hl=en

One of the biggest bugbears of taking a vacation in an unfamiliar country are the times when you just can’t seem to find a decent place to eat or a reliable source of local information. The travel book is way out of date and the website is so far off the mark, it may as well be closed down! Well, Yelp is here to give a little bit of love to the dilemma! You simply dial in your location and the type of facility you are looking for, and Yelp does the rest in a few seconds. You can be as specific as you like and you will soon find that Vietnamese or Mexican restaurant you really have a need for! There is also an up to date reviews feature that can avoid a wasted journey and prevent a trip to the local hospital. You can also use the app to make reservations and find some special deals only available to Yelp users! Ty this app for an easier dip into other cultures and you’ll soon be glad that you did!

Remove The Stress And Add Some Convenience!

We think that either of these apps will bring you a little more chill time for those all-important overseas vacations, why not download both for some peace of mind?

Harry Wolfman, the author of this guest post, is a part time blogger. He works for a travel agency that also helps the people to get a visa for Vietnam. He loves to visit different places and is fond of camping.

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