Dec 20 2009

Coin Flip

Description: Don’t have a coin.  Not a problem.   Here comes Coin Flip.  Flip the coin and take your decision.  The coin looks like real coin.


– Real flipping sound effect

– Tap/touch the screen to flip the coin

– Real physics and wonderful animation

– Roll the phone upwards to flip the coin

Version: 2.3

Cost: Free

Developer: AJAS

Rarely is there a time when I need to flip a coin. I try to make my decisions on a more scientific approach like placing 2 options in front of my pet chicken and letting her choose. But when I do need to flip a coin, I’ll be sure to use this app. The coin rolls around when you move your phone, but not hard enough to flip it. To flip the coin, quickly shake the phone. The default coin is a 1993 US quarter. You can upgrade to the $.99 version of Coin Flip to be able to get more coins and backgrounds. I live in the US, so I’m comfortable with the US coin, and prob since I’m never going to need to flip a coin, I won’t care about the background, so I won’t be upgrading to the paid version.

The graphics are pretty good and really looks like a coin flipping. The sound doesn’t sound like a coin flipping at all. It’s some dinging sound. One missing feature that would be beneficial would be stats to track the number of heads or tails flipped. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it also uses a lot of battery power. My battery use shows the Coin Flip App using a large percentage of the battery.

Download Here

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