Jun 14 2013

Four Apps That Make Garden Design And Planning Simple

With summer now upon us, more and more homeowners are venturing out into their backyards and considering a variety of outdoor landscaping ideas and activities. One of the most popular ways to brighten up any area is by creating a garden: not only will it add appeal to your backyard, but it will also furnish healthy food for you and your family to enjoy. Like most things these days, technology has influenced the way in which we plan and handle gardening. In the following article, we will discuss four mobile applications that are empowering users to embrace their green thumbs and create the garden of their dreams.

Garden Pro

Available on iOS devices, Garden Pro’s interface allows users to create lists of plants to create just about any type of garden imaginable. With over 7,000 plants included in the app, you will be able to explore growing conditions and photos of shrubs, fruits, vegetables, conifers and more. Once you have made the right selections for your planned garden, you can use Garden Pro to generate a comprehensive pest and disease guide to ensure each plant has the maximum chance of thriving. Currently priced at $1.99, you can download Garden Pro via the iTunes App Store.


Landscaper’s Companion

Landscaper’s Companion is a premium app available on both iOS and Android devices, and currently costs $4.99 to download. Functioning more like an encyclopaedia than all-around gardening app, the database contains more than 20,000 entries for just about any plant in the garden. Covering every continent, users can find the best domestic and imported varieties for their gardens without spending hours cross-referencing climate details, as this information is clearly displayed with each entry. Even a novice gardener will find care-taking to be easy and straightforward, thanks to the vital information Landscaper’s Companion provides.


Garden Tracker

For those who need to visualise the essence of their future gardens without digging or tilling prior, Garden Tracker is a great app – available for Android and iOS – that lets users create custom plots, plant vegetables and track their progress from a mobile device. Your digital gardens can be up to 2500 square feet in size, allowing ample room for planting vegetables, fruits and other ornamental plants. You’ll be able to enter valuable information such as the last time each plant has been fertilised or watered, as well as seeing how many expected days are left until harvest (for select plants). You can download this app currently for $1.99 from the Android Marketplace and the iTunes App Store.


Beginner’s Gardening Guide

Helpful for those who have never gardened before, the Beginner’s Gardening Guide provides a load of basic information pertaining to watering, fertilising, soil types and dozens of popular design plans for ornamental and agricultural gardens. Combining a variety of images and text, the app is fairly simple in its layout but is jam-packed with valuable details on how to make it through those first few weeks as a new gardener. Available on Android devices, the Beginner’s Gardening Guide app is a free download.


Today’s feature writer, Arnold Gregg, is a freelance designer and part time blogger. Having worked with a few landscape contractors in Toronto, he is quite fond of landscapes and greenery. He is also tech geek who likes to spend time with latest gadgets and apps on his smartphone.

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