Aug 21 2015


1. What is the name of your app? – GLTCH

2. What is the download link for your app and how much does it cost? – Free –

3. Who is the developer? – Chaos Theory Games

4. What is the website, facebook, twitter, or any other link for the developer? –



5. What does your app do? Please describe the best features of your app. – GLTCH is a die-and-retry arcade game for android about intentional glitches where the longer you survive, the more unstable the game becomes! The game crosses the objectives of Snake with the tight movement of Pac-Man to produce a retro-feeling virtual arcade where dozens of glitches like dead pixels, faulty connections and rendering problems make it harder to survive. The player earns experience after every round, which goes towards unlocking new glitches and a different game mode.

6. What makes your app different from similar apps? – GLTCH is rife with technical humour, puns, and references to other games. These elements are used to make a commentary on gaming culture, and this, combined with the use of glitches as gameplay mechanics, gives GLTCH its unique appeal.

7. Who does your app target? – The target audience is tech savvy people or gamers who enjoy a challenge, and are looking for a game with more depth than you standard mobile game. Because of the references to other games GLTCH has a very strong appeal to these gamer types.

8. Where did you get the idea for your app? – Long story short, the idea came from pac-man, level 256. The long story: Every fortnight we come up with a new game idea based on a stimulus and a constraint. The stimulus was Arcade and the constraint was mobile. So while doing research James found some footage of pac-man level 256 (the one where a stack overflow causes the game to glitch out and become almost unplayable for everyone except for expert players. With this idea in mind James pitched a game where the primary obstacles were glitches. So with this idea in mind we began the development of GLTCH, however it went through multiple iterations before it became the game that it is today.

9. How have you marketed your app? – We have been emailing press and have received a small amount of coverage. Most notably android police.

10. Include screen shots or video from your app – 


gltch 2

gltch 3

gltch 4

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