Jan 24 2010

Issuu Mobile

Description: Issuu Mobile is a free app that lets you read and explore over a million publications from glossy magazines to the latest newspapers. With our EasyRead technology you can now enjoy reading your favorite publications on the small screen everywhere you go. Try it now and experience a digital newsstand like no other

Cost: Free

Developer: Issuu

Issuu Mobile provides free access to many non main stream magazines.  Issuu Mobile allows you to zoom in on readable texts from the magazine.  You can search magazines by categories, featured, or top rated.  There’s a “subscribe” to a magazine option.  There’s no cost to subscribe.  This option will place all issues of your subscribed magazines into your subscription folder.  The bookmarking option puts the magazine into the “My Library” folder.

Issuu Mobile is linked to Issuu.com so once you set up an account with Issuu, Issuu mobile can be synced to your account on Issuu.com.  On Issuu.com, you can do everything you can on Issuu Mobile as well as join groups and add friends.

As I was exploring through Issue Mobile, there we’re some interesting publications that I would not have known about.  There’s almost a magazine about any subject and I found a lot of magazines that I wouldn’t find at my local book stores.  A lot of magazines from different countries and in different languages.  You got to trust me on this, but I wasn’t even trying to find porn on it, but I stumbled on to some porn magazines.  Want to find a magazine about swimming outdoors?  There’s a magazine for that.  Want to find a magazine about Canadian Architects?  There’s a magazine for that also.

The reader worked well.  Run your finger across the block of text you want to read and it will zoom in onto the text.  I found a couple instances where the text wasn’t readable, but most of the time it was.

I wish there was a zoom option for any part of the magazine.  There isn’t a zoom option for photos, only for readable text.  This option would have been helpful for text that couldn’t be read or for some of the innocent pictures I found.  Wink, Wink..

A great way to browse random publications on the go.

Download Here

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    1. Comment by Matovu on December 4, 2012 at 3:58 pm

      Magazines make their money by selling the puolicatibns, not giving them away for free.So you might find some complimentary’ issues available to download, but only as teasers to have you either subscribe online or in print.

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