May 06 2010

Kids Numbers and Math

Description: This app helps preschoolers learn numbers and develop pre-math skills. Numbers are prompted with a voice in English/Japanese/French/German/Italian/Russian.
-learning numbers
-choose max/min number
-advanced exercises
-find a match

Shake the phone for more fun!

Version: 1.4.7

Cost: Free

Developer: Ivan Trusov

If I had a little 2 – 4 year old, I would totally get the kid to start playing around with this app. Then they can be like one of those smart little Asian kids who ruin the curve for everybody else in math. Oh wait, I’m Asian, so my kid probably won’t need this because they will naturally be smart at math.

Kids Number and Math offers 7 mini games to learn math principles. It ranges from the really simple like counting numbers to more advanced like adding and subtracting numbers. Each game has nice bright colors and big numbers.

As I previously stated in another review, I’m not letting a little kid touch my phone, so I’m going to try to get into the mind of a little kid and guess what they would think of Kids Numbers and Math. Each game on it’s own is entertaining, but with only 1 or 2 games on each math principle, a kid may get bored of it easily. For instance, the 1st game is on counting numbers. Then the next is to choose the min and max numbers. But after those 2 games, there’s nothing else on counting. So a kid would have to start adding and subtracting numbers before they start playing the other games. Other games include one game focused on subtracting, one on adding, and one on adding and subtracting, and a match numbers game.

The individual games are good and nicely done.  There’s not too much clutter on the screen to distract young children from focusing on the math at hand.  The spacing of objects  is good for clumsy little fingers.

Not a bad app to learn math but it would be better if there we’re more games focused on the different principles.

As for my kid, I’m going to throw an abacus at him, and he’ll be doing calculus by the time he’s 3.

Download Here

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