Jan 14 2010

Search & Dine

Description: Search & Dine, now upgraded with GPS features, is designed for foodies, travelers or any person trying to locate a place to eat.  It acts as your best friend when locating a restaurant.  Just click on “Restaurants Near me” and view all the restaurants around you.  Calling for booking or view location on Maps, instantly.

Version: 1.1.1

Cost: Free

Developer: MoFirst Solutions

The Search & Dine App is supposed to help me find restaurants near me.  Well, it didn’t.  The “Restaurants Around Me…” option didn’t work.  It was giving me an error saying “No location Found”.  Isn’t this the main purpose of the App?  I had to use the “Advance Search” option by searching for restaurants around my ZIP code.

Once the restaurant is generated, you can click on the restaurant to see where it’s located on a Google map.  But there’s no option to get directions to it.  And since it couldn’t find my location on the map, I wouldn’t be easily able to reference it to my position if I was in an unfamiliar area.

The list doesn’t show any ratings for the restaurants either.  I’d like to have some have some notion of how good the restaurant is, like the Yelp app does, even if the Yelp rating system can be boosted by some unsavory practices.

The cuisine types are listed as All, American, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Indian, French, Others, and Pizza.  This listing is OK, but I’d like to searches for types of cuisines also like coffee shops, bbq places, sports bars, etc.

If I’m looking for something to eat around me, I’d use other apps like Yelp or even Google Maps.

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