Sep 20 2013

The Most Unbelievable Mobile Insurance Claims

There is the sublime and then there is the ridiculous. And, when it comes to mobile insurance claims, there really are some out there that are utterly ridiculous.

We all have had that horrid moment when we realise we have lost our phone or when we drop it in our drink and stare blankly knowing it will never be the same again. We quickly pick up our friends phone and call our mobile insurance company to file a claim.

But there are some stories out there that are, well, almost unbelievable.  Here are just a few examples of some rather outlandish mobile insurance claims.

Ringing walls

One company reported that a claim had come through from a builder who appeared to have lost his phone.  He called back several hours later to explain that he had heard a ringing from inside the wall he had just built.  He had, in fact, left his phone inside the cavity of the wall.

Cow bell

A farmer once contacted his mobile insurance company after he had left his phone inside a cow.  Helping the cow to give birth he had used the torch app on his phone and, well, you know, accidentally lost his phone inside the animal. The phone was retrieved, but it didn’t work so well.  Hence the claim.

Afternoon tea

Whilst baking a victoria sponge, a rather forgetful lady actually baked her phone with her cake. At a 180 degrees these phones are not supposed to actually go in the oven.  It brings a new meaning to the saying ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’.

Good vibrations

A young woman from Bristol had been using the vibrate function on her phone for all the wrong reasons.  Needless to say, the phone didn’t survive for very long and stopped working. Imagine being the person on the end of that mobile insurance claim? Would you be able to keep a straight face?

Monkeying around

On a trip to Longleat Safari Park a man had his phone snatched by a monkey.  And, when your phone is snatched by a monkey there is no reasoning with it.  You simply have to let it go. And then call your mobile insurance company of course.

But it does beg the question, if you lost your mobile phone up the backside of a cow, baked it in a cake or even had been using it for your own, ahem, pleasure, would you be honest about it?  Or would you make up some other excuse?

When it comes to mobile insurance claims honesty is the best policy. If you file a fraudulent claim or make a story up then your claim could end up being invalid.

But the main lesson to be learnt here is not to leave your phone on the worktop and not in your cake mix or to try your hardest not to brick your phone in a wall, but to take out mobile insurance.

Bill Turner lives in the South of England, walking his dog, writing technology posts and enjoying life in the UK.

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