Jun 24 2015

Top Android Apps For Traveling

Summer travel time is here, and people are plotting and planning their trips and itineraries. Many of them are likely planning these trips via Android apps, and while there are many travel apps for Android, here are seven of the best:



Good for frequent travelers, this app pulls all your travel data such as flight plans, train trips, plus whatever else you plan on doing, and collates all of it for you from your inbox to your TripIt account. Of course, if you don’t want TripIt to access your emails, you can always send your itineraries manually.



This is a great app to have if you are a frequent flier. Tell the app where you’re going and when, and SkyScanner will scan the Internet to come up with the best options available to you. There’s also the likelihood of saving money since the app often comes up with great deals on flights.

Google Maps


Google Maps is probably the best thing that’s happened to navigating strange streets since mapmakers first held a computer mouse for designing maps. Plus, with the latest update giving you easier access to offline maps, this app truly is essential.

 Google Translate


If you’re off in a country where you don’t know the language as well as you’d like, it’s Google Translate to the rescue. It’s the next best thing to carrying around a cumbersome phrasebook or dictionary, plus, you can hear the phrase being pronounced, reducing your embarrassment risk considerably.

XE Currency



There are many currency exchange apps out there that have similar features as XE Currency, but they’re pricey. XE Currency is absolutely free, using live currency rates and is completely accurate. Why pay for such a slick, easy-to-use service when this app costs you nothing?


 images (3)

This is the app to get if you’ve got lots of luggage, and you need to get to the airport from your latest destination. This app uses your phone’s GPS system to make the cabs come to you. Just push the “Pick Me Up” button, and a cab will start heading your way. Not only is this convenient, because of the technology, it’s a conversation starter with the  cabbie.



A vacation isn’t a vacation without sampling something you’ve never tried, or indulging in a favorite you’ve had in another place, just because it’s a favorite. With Foodspotting, you can do just that, because this is one app that focuses in on specific dishes. Got a craving for seafood? Foodspotting to the rescue. Plus, Foodspotting uses crowdsourced reviews to point you in the best direction to go for the best nosh in the neighborhood.


These are just seven of some of the best apps for travelers, whether you’re taking a year to globetrot, or you’re just having a weeklong holiday someplace. These apps are truly the next best thing to having a personal assistant, keeping you safe, happy and well-organized, so you can have fun on your vacation. Bon Voyage!


“This post is written by Mari Saito, she is a journalist by profession.”

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