Jul 18 2013

Four Apps For Virtual Stock Trading

There are plenty of people who wish to find ulterior ways in which to earn income, and many in recent years have turned to the stock market in order to meet these goals. In the past, stock market trading was complicated, expensive and often required the services of a broker in order to successfully earn any income. These days, however, technology has made it possible for everyday people to effectively earn revenue via their own investments. If you are on the fence about investing in the stock market, then you may first wish to practice: the following four virtual stock trading applications will help you learn the basics of trading before you use any real money.


By far one of the most popular virtual stock trading platforms available on smartphones, the iTrade app is a great tool that allows its users to manage a fictitious $100,000 stock portfolio and see how real market conditions affect their investments. Anyone can quickly fetch real stock quotes, analyze market conditions and see past performance of any stock before a decision to purchase is made. Once users have settled upon their selections, they can quickly be purchased via the app and monitored over days, weeks and months. You can quickly sell any stock if it is under-performing, while also having a community of fellow iTraders with whom you can interact.


Stock Maniac

Most virtual stock trading apps are geared toward the US market, but the Stock Maniac application for Android devices allows users to play with the dynamics of the Indian market – representative of the second largest country in the world. Users can evaluate current market conditions, fetch individual stock quotes and see past performance of any selection. Users can quickly buy and sell stocks via the virtual market, and leader boards display the strongest traders’ names so that competition ensues. The Stock Maniac application is free and can be found via the Android Marketplace.


Stock Trader Challenge

Billed as a way to get multiple friends interested in the act of trading stocks, the Stock Trader Challenge allows individuals and groups to compete against one another for periods of seven, thirty and ninety days in order to see who can do the best on the open market. As always, users will have full access to stock quotes, past performance and financial analysis via the application, which can help novice traders understand the decision-making process that goes into any investment. Even those who wish to play alone will still be able to manage and track their portfolio’s progress, which can prepare many for the topsy-turvy world of stock trading.


Stock Market Simulator

The Stock Market Simulator – available via the Android Marketplace for free – empowers those who have begun their immersion into the world of stocks through its simulated $10,000 portfolio offered to each user. Those who have downloaded the application can quickly evaluate current market conditions and see first-hand how each individual stock has performed over the short and long-term. Everything from top-tier stocks to penny quotes is available via the Stock Market Simulator, which makes it a great solution for any new investor.


Today’s featured writer, Tori Dennis, works as a sales executive for a well-established trading company that maintains PPRO8 trading software. Being an ardent blogger, she enjoys writing articles on the latest applications that hit the market.

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