Sep 22 2013

Manage Your Money With Five Great Finance Apps

The first step towards ensuring a positive financial outlook is to manage money in a more efficient manner. With the quality and depth of financial applications available on both iOS and Android, smartphones are a great way to ensure that you are on top of all financial situations. Here is a look at six great applications that will help you manage your money, or get more information about bad credit home loans.

5. Quicken Loans Mortgage Calculator
Price: Free
Available: iOS and Android

Quicken Loans Mortgage Calculator
This application is designed to help people calculate what their mortgage possibilities are. There are four simple calculators to choose from, which can effortlessly tell you what your home loan terms will look like. Not only can this app help you shop for bad credit home loans, but it can assist you in refinancing your existing mortgages.

4. PayPal
Price: Free
Available: iOS and Android
PayPal is the most effective method of receiving and sending online payments. Whether you have an online business, or simply wish to send money to family and friends, downloading the PayPal app will help you manage these situations. It is possible to link your bank account and debit card to PayPal, resulting in more security for online transactions.

3. Manilla Accounts Manager
Price: Free
Available: iOS and Android
Manilla Accounts Manager
Ever wanted one software that can manage all of your financial records in one place? Manilla is the answer. This application can be connected to bank accounts, credit cards, Groupon accounts, and other services. There are separate pages where your financial statements and records for each account are managed. This allows you to keep track of how much money is going in and out on a weekly basis.

Edit – 6/11/2014

I just wanted to let you know that Manilla, the tool you referenced here:, will be discontinuing its service on July 1, 2014.
If you’d like to replace the resource, I want to let you know that we have an alternative called Pocketbook ( that you might want to change your reference to instead. :)

2. Check
Price: Free
Available: iOS and Android
This is the ideal application for those who want easy bill management and payment services. Check will give you online access to your electricity, gas, water, internet, phone, and cable TV bills in one location. You will be notified when a new bill comes through, and you can use the application to pay via credit cards or your bank account.

1. Mint
Price: Free
Available: iOS and Android
Mint App
This service can connect you to all of your bank accounts, personal funds, and stock portfolios. These accounts are updated in real time, showing you when transactions, withdrawals, or deposits are made. You can add every transaction you make on a daily basis, with the ability to categorize these expenses. Mint allows for the creation of weekly and monthly budgets, while notifying a user when they are close to exceeding their budget.
Experts and users rate Mint as the best financial application for both iOS and Android. There is no other application that allows for the complete management of bank accounts, credit cards, bills, and personal expenses. If you have trouble managing your accounts and sticking to a budget, Mint can be your greatest ally.

Each of these applications have unique features designed to make personal finance a little easier to manage. Whether you are looking to stick to a tight budget, or wish to calculate your bad credit home loan, these apps provide the answers.

This post is authored by Ruth Jennings. He works for Loansaver Network, one of the finest providers of bad credit home loan. He writes extensively on topics related to banking and finance.

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