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Description: ProOnGo Expense with Receipt Reader is a simple expense tracker that allows you to create expense reports by taking pictures of your receipts.

Export your expense reports as Excel spreadsheets or sync with QuickBooks.

Now with:

*Mileage Tracking

*Expense Backup

*Web Portal Access

*Export to your Company’s Expense Template

Version: 1.2.40

Developer: ProOnGo LLC

Cost: .99/month, 2.99/month, 4.99/month

Are you the type of person who tracks every penny they spend? Or maybe you own a business and needs too know every expense.  I have a cousin that falls in the former of these 2 categories.  He’s tracked every penny he spent since 1995.  He started using an excel spread sheet and then onto various softwares like Microsoft money.  This app would be perfect for him because he wouldn’t have to save all his receipts and break out the computer every couple of nights to log his spending.

With ProOnGo expense, all you need to do is create a new expense by taking a picture of the receipt.  The picture of the receipt gets automatically deciphered by ProOnGo’s servers to filter the merchant name, the date, and cost.  Deciphering the receipt usually takes 2 to 5 minutes, but can take longer.  Then you can manually enter the description, category, type, client name, and form of payment.  After you create the expense you can email it in various formats, like in an .xlsx or xml.  You can go back and view your expenses and an image of the receipt at a later date.

The ProOnGo receipt reader worked most of the time.  As you can see from the the pictures, it was able to read the receipt I got from Walmart and correctly deciphered the merchant, cost and date.  The receipt wasn’t in the greatest condition, due to it being crumpled up in my pocket for a couple hours, but the server was still able to read it.  It even read the ticket stub from the Zane Lamprey comedy show I went to, though it only was able to read the price.

Now onto the subscription fees.  ProOnGo offers 3 subscription options.

.99/month – Unlimited Expense Reports

2.99/month – Unlimited Expense Reports
30 Receipt Reads/Month
Expense Report Backup
Access to WEB Portal
SSL Connection

4.99/month – Unlimited Expense Reports
50 Receipt Reads/Month
Expense Report Backup
Access to WEB Portal
SSL Connection Compatibility
Expense Approval Workflow
Premium Technical Support

ProOnGo is free for the 1st 30 days, and you can cancel at any time.

The best thing about ProOnGo is the receipt reader capability.  With the pricing options limiting the number of receipt readings per month, ProOnGo’s .99/month subscription is useless.  A spreadsheet would be easier to use, unless you don’t have access to a computer.  Depending on how often you spend and how many receipts you acquire a month, the 2.99/month or 4.99/month could work for you, but I feel the amount of receipt reads are limited for the cost.

In closing, ProOnGo works, is easy to use, has some useful features, but pricey.

Download Here

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