Jul 16 2013

10 Popular Android Apps In All Categories

For the past couple of years, new mobile apps have been coming out more quickly than most of us are able to keep up with. In the end, different people prefer different apps, for different purposes. But if you’re looking for help sifting through the tens of thousands of available apps, here are a few words on 10 of the best and most popular Android apps this year.

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1. Pocket

“Reader” apps are becoming popular, and Pocket is as good as any of them. Basically, the app helps you to save and store articles you want to read from the Internet. Once saved in Pocket, an app is accessible with or without Internet connection, and also appears in a format that’s easy to read.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is basically the original public cloud service. With a free account, you can use the app to store up to 2 GB of data in your Dropbox folder, meaning you can then access that data from any device.

3. History Eraser Pro

Over time, heavy smart phone use results in a lot of history and backed up data on different apps. The History Eraser Pro app allows you to delete all this clutter with a single touch – search history, call history, etc. can all be wiped clean with ease.

4. Vine

Vine is a social app designed to help users share self-made video content. Video limit is 6 seconds, so your clips have to be pretty short, but people are finding fun and inventive ways to record and share videos, making Vine a must-have social tool.

5. Umano

This is a pretty cool app that combines reader and radio functions to make an e-book file out of an Internet article. Basically, it reads you your news! The app also functions with news articles you’ve downloaded, if you don’t have the time or ability to listen when you first find something that interests you.

6. Poker In Play

This unique and enjoyable app from http://www.betfaircasino puts a new twist on the poker arcade app. Most notably, the point isn’t to win the hand! Rather, it’s to pick the winning hand. Players get to see everyone’s cards, and then make real money bets as to which hand will win the pot. Odds change with each new community card that is dealt.

7. ooVoo Video Calls

It’s one of many video chatting apps and devices, but it has a few capabilities that others are lacking. To begin with, ooVoo supports group video chats with up to 12 other players. Additionally, it allows you to video chat with users on all kinds of rival devices, including those operating with iOS and Windows.

8. Flipboard

This app brings you all the news you need by combining your personal preferences with your social connections. From your favorite magazines, to stories your friends are talking about on Twitter, Fliboard puts it all in one place for you to sort through with ease.

9. Minecraft

In a brief description, Minecraft is incredibly simple – you use blocks of material to build structures and manipulate landscapes. It might not sound like it’s worth the $6.99, but once you start, this is an incredibly addictive, creative game.

10. Any.do

This is a phenomenal, enhanced to-do list for your Android. Really, it’s as simple as writing down anything you need to do, or intend to do! Within the app, you can organize these priorities however you please to set up an easy way to track your productivity.

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