Jul 19 2013

5 Fantastic Driving Games For Android

One of the strongest points about Android-powered devices is that they make for very good mobile gaming platforms. With a huge selection of games to choose from in the Google Play Store, picking the right games, worthy of occupying memory in your smartphone or tablet, can prove to be a bit troublesome. To make your life easy, here are 5 fantastic driving games for Android devices.

Asphalt 7: Heat

After the success of Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, developers Gameloft were under pressure to create a worthy successor. Thankfully for Gameloft, and for Android gamers, Asphalt 7: Heat does not disappoint. If anything, the newest instalment in the series actually pushes the boundaries of how good a racing game can be on a mobile platform. The race circuits are set in real cities from around the world, including Paris, Miami, and London. Car lovers will especially enjoy Asphalt 7 since it is one of the few games that feature the rare DeLorean DMC-12.

Beach Buggy Blitz

There are some games that are just so incredibly fun that people find it impossible to put them away. For Android users, Beach Buggy Blitz is one of those enthralling gems. The game puts you in the driving seat of a beach buggy as you blitz through a tropical island. Not only does the environment look good, it is destructible and allows you to smash your way through pretty much anything. The main challenge of the game is to wreak havoc in your souped-up hot-rod as you try to unlock better upgrades and newer vehicles.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

In the world of gaming, Need for Speed has always had the last say on racing games. NFS has long been Electronic Arts’ most popular and best-selling game series for PC and console gamers. It only makes sense then that EA would bring the NFS series to mobile gaming platforms as well. There are a few Need for Speed titles that Android users can choose from, but the latest release, NFS Most Wanted, is by far the best street racing game for Android-powered devices. Not only does the game have you beating rival racers, but you also have to outrun the cops that get after you.

Zombie Road Trip

There are many driving games out there that promise you fun, excitement, or realism, but how many of those games can promise you zombies? Fighting you way through hordes of undead in a game definitely delivers a very different kind of adrenaline rush. In terms of gameplay, Zombie Road Trip is as simple as it gets; drive for your life and avoid getting your brains eaten by zombies. The game is a bit heavy on gore and might not be the most ideal of games for children, but zombie aficionados will love the rag-doll effects as you send a group of zombies flying everywhere.

Real Racing 3

Games like Asphalt 7: Heat and Need for Speed: Most Wanted may be quite exciting, but the games definitely lack realism. If you are a racing purist, don’t’ fret; EA Swiss Sarl has a game for Android devices that is sure to get your pulse racing – Real Racing 3. For serious racing game enthusiasts who want nothing but the best in terms of details and realism, it doesn’t get any better than Real Racing 3; at least on the mobile platform.

If you are a racing or car enthusiast, then these 5 games are an absolute must-have.

This guest post is by Sean Dowd, a sales executive at Suncoast Car Care, a company that takes care of your vehicle’s servicing and mechanical repair requirements. He is a gaming enthusiast who enjoys playing race car games on his smartphone. In his spare time he likes to share his opinions through his blog posts.

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