May 17 2013

Babel Rising 3D!

Description: In Babel Rising 3D humans are more unstoppable than ever with 3 new units called as reinforcements – The Slavers, The Super Priests and The Super Workers which revive their arrogance. As a result, they come back building 2 new towers: The Ishtar Gate and Nabu’s Tower.

·         3 new workers’ units – Now available!

–          The Slavers to  Speed up the humans with unmerciful whips.

–          The Super Priests are the most powerful priest who are able to change the shield to protect from one element or the other, or even both elements at the same time!

–          The Super Workers are the workers who are able to build a part of the tower and if left undestroyed will proceed to building again and again until the tower is finished!

·         Ishtar Gate – Available!
After 3 failures, humans have designed the Ishtar Gate as an impregnable fortress. But not for you! The workers may be protected while they build, but their walls won’t spare them the wrath of God!

Developed in partnership with Ubisoft and Mando Productions, Babel Rising 3D is an exceptional tower defense game with already more than 1.5 million downloads on Google Play, in which you must prevent the Babylonians from building the famous tower of Babel. Play as God and unleash your divine powers on these arrogant humans. There will be no mercy!

Cost: Free

Developer: AMA LTD.

Babel Rising 3d

Babel Rising 3d 1

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