Feb 11 2012

Blotty Pots

Description: Blotty Pots – chain reaction!

Easy to learn but difficult to master!

Blotty Pots is a turn based, chain reaction, strategy game that challenges players to fill a grid of 16, 25, or 36 paint cans with their own color paint. A pot or can fills by 1/3 each time it is touched, and players can touch only one empty, neutral, or matching colored pot per turn. When a pot is full it overflows when touched, sending 1/3 of a can of paint into the neighbor cans, making them all the same color. Played against the machine or handed back and forth between two players, the game seems simple until a single move causes a chain reaction of overflows, suddenly turning an overwhelming lead into a hopelessly lost position.

It is a fun game because it is filled with surprises and because of the sound effects and animation of splashing paint. Blotty Pots is an outstanding game because it successfully realizes a simple premise, making it an “easy to learn but difficult to master” pastime. Blottly Pots is a captivating game because, akin to checkers or draughts, it contains subtle complexities and can be played casually, seriously, or at competition levels.

“Blotty Pots has some similarities to the hit game Bubble Blast, because they both feature chain reactions that spread in four directions, but Blotty Pots is not a series of puzzles with unique solutions. It is an unpredictable, two-player game with an unlimited number of variations and possibilities for gameplay.”

Feature Highlights:
* Score 1 point for each 1/3 of a pot of paint that goes into any pot during the player’s turn
* Winner is the player with the highest score at the end of the game
* Game ends when one player has no possible play (all pots are the same color)
* Paint cans or pots fill 1/3 at a time and then overflow in four directions
* Play by turns
* Single player game against the machine (Easy, Medium, Hard)
* Two-player game, where players pass the device back and forth
* Start with 16, 25, or 36 blotty pots
* Create a chain reaction when a full pot overflows and hits another full pot

Cost: Free / .99 for full version


Blotty Pots is a fun challenging game similar to the ancient Chinese game of Go. Try to fill the board with all your colors to win the game.

Blotty Pots is nice playing against the computer, but even funner playing against another human opponent. Blotty Pots is the perfect road trip car game. You don’t need data access. There’s no time limit for moves. There’s some strategizing needed. Games can be won or loss with one bad move. Just pass the phone on each turn. Though an option to play another person online would bring the game to a whole ‘nother level. Maybe that will be implemented in a  later release.

Download Lite Version Here

Download Full Version Here

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