Nov 22 2009

Brain Genius Deluxe

Description: Let the Brain Genius take you through a daily dose of teasing and original brain exercises! Brain Genius Deluxe will train your brain, with 24 touch and motion controlled games as well as bonus puzzles including Sudoku! It’s pure Genius!

Cost: Free

Developer: Glu Mobile

Brain Genius Entry

Brain Genius Daily

Brain Genius Main

Brain Genius Chemical

Brain Genius UFO

Brain Genius Calculator

Since I’ve been using Brain Genius Deluxe, I’ve gone from slightly mentally disabled to adequate intellect.  My next goal is to keep on using Brain Genius Deluxe and get to above average smarts!

Brain Genius Deluxe is an entertaining set of games sorted into 4 different categories, Observation, Memory, Calculation, and Reasoning, with 3 levels, Junior, Master and Genius.  You set up a profile and depending on how you perform on the games you’re brain rating goes up or down.  There’s a “daily exercise” option which creates a set of 4 games, 1 in each category, at your current brain level.  You can access this “daily exercise” option once a day.  If you do well enough, you may advance the game levels.

Or you can choose to play a “single exercise” in which you choose the category and game you want to play.

Each category has 6 games for a total of 24 games, at 3 different levels.  Most of the games are pretty entertaining and only last a few minutes.  The controls can get a little clumsy at times with the touch screen since you’re always working against a time clock, I’ll tend to make mistakes trying to point to something too quickly.  Some games use the accelerometer and some times those controls don’t seem to be very accurate either.

I’m pretty surprised Brain Genius Deluxe is a free download.  I would have expected to have to pay for such a good app.  Great graphics and great game play.   Thank you Glu Mobile for making this free.  This is definitely a winner.

Download Here

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