Jul 24 2013

Catch Me Online

It’s really hard to find a truly innovative game but not just another project pretending to be so. Even if we are talking about billions of online apps for Android and iOS. “Catch Me Online” is the real thing that we could frankly call “revolutionary”. The main aspect is that all the gameplay in “Catch Me” is happening in real time and real world. Yes, you got it right. No, it’s not another game where green aliens with guns in their sticky paws are reflected on camera view from your phone and you could easily kill them by simply tapping on a screen. Yes, it’s a new word in mobile app’s development. No, there are no clones of this project but I think they would appear very soon. Don’t pay much attention to the difficulties of the rules of the game, the gameplay is pretty easy. You could be a Hunter or a Victim. Grab your phone and go out to play with your friends on the streets of your city! There are two game-modes in “Catch Me Online”: one vs one (Hunter vs Victim) or five vs five which seems like a fresh idea for online games. All the interesting stuff starts here. The word “Victim” sounds pretty weak, right? But victims in “Catch Me Online” has as much skills and abilities as hunters. It’s a usual RPG with getting new levels and skills but with one unique difference wich makes “Catch Me” so original — you could track another player by using the geolocation-function wich you have in your phone and you are no longer in need to sit on your couch trying to get a new level for your character! After a few days of hardcore playing I could definitely claim that this is really exciting! Not all of the users are ready to become a child again and go outside. Not all of the users have a free time to play “Catch Me Online”. But anyhow I haven’t seen so much people on the streets, running, sweating and holding their phone for ages!

Cost: Free

Developer: Maverix Pte. Ltd.

Catch Me Online

Catch Me Online 1

Catch Me Online 2


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