Jul 10 2011

Doodle Grub

Description: * A brand new twist on a classic Snake game! *

Version: 1.04

Cost: Free

Developer: http://www.doodlegrub.com/

First off, Doodle Grub is a great name.  Just like the old snake game, eat apples and grow.  The more apples you eat, the longer you get, the harder it is to avoid the big bad bear faces.  A couple new twists in this game.  You won’t die by eating your own tail.  Bad apples for negative points, lady bugs for special powers, round bear face like things that kill, and more.   This game is played best on a bigger screen.  The artwork is fun and creative.  The use of the accelerometer for movement is nice.  If you’re a fan of the old snake game, you’re going to love this incarnation of it.

Download Here

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