Jul 08 2014

Fox Tales: Rocket Run


We’re an indie game development studio called Won-O-Soft and we recently released our eighth mobile game called “Fox Tales: Rocket Run” ( http://www.won-o-soft.com/index.php/games/fox-tales-rocket-run ), an endless rocket flying game where a lovely fox, Kizu, has to collect coins and dodge obstacles. We were encouraged to release a sequel given that the original game achieved more than 50,000 installs.

Ever considered strapping a rocket on your back and seeing how far you can go? In “Fox Tales: Rocket Run” you can experience that by helping Kizu, our cute little fox, find out that rockets aren’t toys. The gameplay is incredibly simple yet difficult enough to make the game highly addictive, as you try to advance through deadly spinning saws, dodge birds and evade the moving, burning saw blades that have littered Kizu’s forest like death traps. The goal in “Fox Tales: Rocket Run” is to advance as far as possible until the inevitable happens and these are some of the features that make it addictive:

– Addictive gameplay with fast paced action scenes where you have to dodge all sort of obstacles but in the same time collect as many coins as possible
– Simple one-touch control, tap and hold to fire up the rocket and fly, release to stop the rocket and get down
– Collectible power-ups will help you advance faster and attract coins like a magnet
– Upgradable rocket boost and weight system based on how many coins you gather each time
– Cute cartoonish graphics adored by kids and loved by adults with accompanying catchy tunes
– See in-game how far your Google+ friends advance as their grave stones will be displayed once you connect via Google Play Services
– Online leaderboard and achievements to share your high scores and brag to your friends

“Fox Tales: Rocket Run” is available for free on Google Play ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wonosoft.rocketrun ) and will soon be released to the iOS appstore. It would be great if you could install the game and give us some feedback and even better if you would write a review or publish the game on your site, you can email me if you need anything else.

Thank you!

Donald Wono



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