Jul 26 2013

How Google Is Developing Android Game Console

If you are an avid gamer, then watch out for a new gaming console that will be coming out soon. The android powered gaming console will be released this fall by none other than Google. Yes Google is developing an android powered gaming console that hopes will be in your hands very soon. Also an android powered watch will also hit the market soon together with this console. Google has decided to either make your gaming experience totally awesome or totally suck depending on whether we will like this new console or not.

Google Gaming Console

You may be used to Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo and now Google says it’s about to drop another one in on you and improve your gaming. May be you could even get all four seeing as gamers are always so attached to these things and see which one is best. Either way this should be very interesting indeed, both for gamers and non gamers alike.

Android has over the years become a very popular software platform for not only games but also most smart phones. It has become the go to software for most phone manufactures and is mostly popular in developing countries. Android has been used in smart phones that are relatively cheap thus its popularity in developing countries. A variety of Android apps have also become quite popular amongst smart phone users further raising the popularity meter on this software. The software’s popularity is what Google is riding on to make the new game console hit your living room and possibly your pocket.

It is widely believed that Google’s latest attempt to infiltrate your living room with this android powered console is not trying to compete with other market leading game console makers such as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, gamers out there need not worry, you can just have all four like I said before. What Google wants to rival Apple specifically which is very interesting indeed if you consider that 75% of all smart phones are Android powered, most being in developing countries, I for one, hope that this rivalry will create some of those insanely funny advertisements targeting each other.

The word is that Google will manufacture both the console and the watch themselves and have actually been slaving away doing just that so they can release them in time. They however say that this will be separate from their Motorola hardware division. So I guess they are saying that they are getting another division which can only mean that we haven’t seen the last of things Google wants to develop. Far from it, if they can manage to get this console in the hands of as many gamers as possible.

Google Skateboard

So it is of course no accident that this news comes in anticipation of the release of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie around the same time as iOs 7. So I guess Google is really serious about this rivalry thing with Apple, I may get my wish after all. This is however a mostly wait and see type of deal especially since android has only ever been used on small displays and touch screens. There’s no telling how the software will perform on a larger screen, like say you’re TV. It is however worth checking out if you’re a gamer. You don’t want to miss out on this and I will tell you why.

Because Google wouldn’t be doing this unless they were sure that your gaming experience with this new console will be awesome and also because Android has come such a long way, it is being considered for Hp computers (rumor has it). In this tech world that is ever expanding, you never know where the next functional gadget that a gamer can use will come from and Google is as good a place as any.

If for no other reason, this announcement should generate enough interest for people to want to just check out this console. Maybe even compare it to Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony and see how different they are. I don’t know it will generate a buying frenzy but then again gamers have been known to be crazy about their consoles.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips is a regular contributor at many sites. He is an eminent writer with an interest in video games, technology and gadgets. He has a great loved to play online games and usually plays them at Tom and Jerry Games 365.

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