Jul 09 2014

Miracle Dice Roller App

Play your next game like a king!
Never leave home without your dice again.
Our Miracle Dice Roller Application is a stand-alone, numerical random roller using stunning visual graphics to show a huge variety of results. Made for the table-top and board game world it replaces over SIXTY DICE SETS. Three modes exist for the application, a quick mode, complex mode and simple mode.
Quick mode allows for a user to roll a single unit of random probability. Everything from a simple coin toss to a die 1000 is covered and easily accessed. For a quick game of Dungeons and Dragons to a simple coin toss this feature covers it all.
Complex mode takes the dice to another level. Table-top games such as Savage Worlds, World of Darkness, Shadowrun and New Gods of Mankind benefit from a large set of dice. Board games such as Risk and Yahtzee will use this setting. Miniature games such as Warhammer 40K and Warmachine use a large dice set and will save the customer time. The number of dice that can be on a screen are vast and you can roll well over sixty dice at once. Critical rolls can be highlighted. Explosive rolls (such as in Savage Worlds, Warhammer) can be enabled so additional dice rolls are done automatically and the explosive dice is highlighted. The dice results can also be showing and calculated together.
The Simple mode has a memory feature and is perfect for complex dice rolls. Up to four dice rolls can be saved from d4 to d100. Game-masters and others who play complex role-playing games will benefit from this mode.
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