Jun 14 2014

New runner – Umbrella Fly!

Have you ever tried flying on the umbrella? Never?

Umbrella Fly by InsApps makes it possible for the player. In some regards it succeeds at conveying the peaceful, silent atmosphere it’s going for. However, some level design issues also make the game not realistic enough.

Umbrella Fly is an runner/simulation game where player is on his own to beat the challenge of avoiding the enemy asteroids, rockets and other objects. Main hero is falling in the sky and with his umbrella is helping him to stop in front of obstacles, collect coins.

Umbrella Fly‘s gameplay is divided into different levels, each of which ends when the character falls all way down successfully. He may use many different inventory items to help him in this challenging adventure.

Umbrella Fly‘s gentle blue sky, rainbows and air balloons are truly relaxing to user. Less relaxing, however, is having an airplane flying right after the rocket and asteroids.

Swipe on the screen makes a character to move and touching umbrella makes it to open and slow down. Sometimes it is hard to avoid all supposed obstacles and get the bonuses right on there place of obstacles.

Despite its problems, Umbrella Fly offers interesting gameplay experiences while letting the player stay calm.




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